The history of the castle and its grounds dates back to the 16th century and has included various distinguished occupants. In the large entrance hall we find the well-known Plantin family motto above the fireplace:

“Labore et Constantia”

The castle was renovated between 1927 and 1928 by Philippe Moretus de Bouchout, whose coat of arms is to be found on the façade together with that of Countess Legrelle.
In 1986 the castle was bought and restored by the Jan Onzea family, a printer’s family from Borgerhout (www.onzea.be). On 4th December of that year it was opened as a restaurant with Bert Onzea as the manager.

Kasteel Fruithof is no longer a blot on the landscape of Boechout.
From its opening in December 1986 this stately building, with its unique location in a green open space on the edge of the metropolis, has been a centre where a wide range of customers find what they are looking for.
Those who love to dine well, those attending a conference who wish for good results achieved in a peaceful atmosphere, families with something to celebrate and who appreciate a child-friendly environment and, since May 1998, a bistro, De Jongste Telg, in the castle’s former coach house.
During the summer, when the weather is nice, you can drink your aperitif and coffee on the terrace, enjoying the peace of the beautiful park with its centuries-old trees and the wonderful view of the unique lake.

Nor have the muses been neglected over the years. For twelve seasons the aperitif concerts on a Sunday morning grew into a musical feast appreciated far beyond the boundaries of Boechout. The combination of morning music and an appropriate meal was a huge success. For twelve years this was organized by Kasteel Fruithof itself with father Onzea as the driving force and sister Marleen responsible for the PR. After the death of the former in September 1999, Bert and sister Marleen decided to bring this concert tradition to an end. Two years later the thread was picked up again by the Culture Committee of the Davidsfonds of Boechout and the tradition continued with equal enthusiasm. The beautiful location and the high standard of the musicians remain the same. There is only one difference, four concerts each year instead of six.
Art has always been important at Kasteel Fruithof. Sculptors, painters, photographers, over the years there have constantly been permanent exhibitions to be admired at the castle.
And we must not forget that the green park area of Kasteel Fruithof has been the setting for ‘Buiten-Beelden-Boechout’ a number of times, in collaboration with the Culture Committee of Boechout and the ‘Let’s Find’ gallery.


Kasteel Fruithof
Fruithoflaan 15, 2530 Boechout, Belgium
Tel.: 03/455.07.67 – Fax: 03/454.09.28
Or mail us: info@kasteelfruithof.be

BTW BE 0452.444.523 – RPR ANTWERPEN
FORTIS 001-1755725-04 – RECORD 880-4179581-92


Halfway between Antwerp and Lier, on the boundary with Hove and Mortsel, you will find Kasteel Fruithof set in a beautiful park with a lake. The grounds are located between the main road from Mortsel to Lier and that from Mortsel to Mechelen and is easy to reach from both roads within five minutes (follow the signposts).
The spacious parking facilities inside the castle grounds make parking easy.

From the E17 from Ghent:

  • After the Kennedy tunnel take exit nr. 5, Berchem-Wilrijk. Turn left at the lights at the top of the exit, then right at the next lights. Go along Singel and turn right at the second set of lights (by Berchem church)
  • You then go along Grote Steenweg to Mortsel (approximately 4 km)
  • In Mortsel where the road forks, with Lier to the left and Mechelen to the right, you take the right-hand fork in the direction of Mechelen
  • At the third set of traffic lights turn left in the direction of Hove
  • Go straight ahead, through the centre of Hove in the direction of Boechout, until you see a signpost to Kasteel Fruithof by the first turning to the left (see Map)

From the E19 from Breda, Turnhout, Herentals:

  • On the ring road round Antwerp take exit nr. 4, Berchem
  • Turn left at the top of the exit by the lights
  • Go along Grote Steenweg until you come to Mortsel
  • In Mortsel go straight ahead in the direction of Mechelen
  • At the third set of traffic lights turn left in the direction of Hove
  • Past the centre of Hove and before you come to the centre of Boechout, take the first and only turning to the left, following the signpost to Kasteel Fruithof (see Map)

From the E19 from Brussels:

  • Take exit nr. 7, Kontich
  • Turn right and go along the N171 in the direction of Antwerp-Kontich, passing one set of traffic lights
  • Then take the right-hand fork in the direction of Mortsel, Edegem and Kontich
  • At the next lights, a bit further along, go straight ahead
  • Go along this road for a few kilometres, passing a crossroads which you cross in the direction of Mortsel
  • At the next set of traffic lights turn right in the direction of Hove-Boechout
  • Cross Mechelsesteenweg (crossroads with traffic lights) and go straight ahead through the centre of Hove in the direction Boechout. Take the first turning to the left, following the signpost to Kasteel Fruithof (see Map)

The entrance to Kasteel Fruithof is at Fruithoflaan 15, 2530 Boechout.